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Q.  Do I need to be home?

A.  No – we are self sufficient

Q.  How long before I can walk or drive on my driveway?

A.  Approx 1 hour to walk on for a Recolour or Reseal - approx 2-3 days to drive on a Reseal. For a Recolour - approx 5-7 days.

Q.  How often should I Reseal my driveway?

A.  Depends on texture/vehicle use/sun exposure – but approx every 2-4 years for a Reseal. If a Recolour is treated well it can last 7 years or more. Lots of variables here - ask us for more info. 

Q.  How many colours are there to choose from if I want to Recolour?

A.  Approx 25 colours.

Q.  Are there scams around Resealing driveways?

A.  Yes – always ensure you employ a licensed tradesman.