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Do It Yourself?

Sure, it appears simple to Reseal or Recolour your driveway yourself. However, to be successful, the surface MUST be prepared correctly.
Some things to consider:

1.   Careful High Pressure Water Cleaning is essential using a minimum 2500 psi with approx 10 - 15 litres / minute - (the common DIY electric "blasters" from Bunnings are almost useless for this purpose)    


2.   The tricky part! When Resealing, the new coats MUST bind with the old coat. This is absolutely crucial, and a common reason why some go “milky”.
       The correct use of solvent(s) to bind the new sealer to the old is essential.  The texture, age, and last Reseal quality are some factors to consider in determining which solvent(s) to use and in what quantity - usually a combination of xylene/acetone.

When you add up the costs to DIY, why attempt it?

* Commercial High pressure water cleaner hire
* Sealer, appropiate solvent(s)
* Rollers, brushes, buckets, face masks, petrol
* Time, stress etc

If it was saving you significant time/money, yes it may be worth the effort, but the fact is we can do a much better job for approx the $ it costs you to DIY!
So why bother to DIY?
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