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Concrete Restorations 

Stencil Before Re-Seal
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Stencil After Re-Seal
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Hello Home Owners, Unit Owners and Strata Managers
We are the Central Coast & Newcastle specialists in “Clean n Seal” maintenance of stencil / stamped / coloured / plain concrete driv
eways,  patio's etc. 
We can Reseal or Recolour any concrete surfacehome driveways to strata unit complexes from  Gosford area to Newcastle area.

Combined with our vast resealing / colouring experience, absolute meticulous attention to detail and reasonable cost - we believe we are the best in the business.

Has your driveway lost it's shine?
Every stencil / stamped / coloured concrete driveway etc MUST be Resealed with clear sealer/solvent every 2-4 years to restore that attractive "wetlook" appearance and protect the surface.
Most driveways are dull - not shiny!     This means your driveway/concrete is not sealed/not protected from colour damage. 
In this case it is only a matter of time until the colour wears out..... and bare white concrete patches gradually appear - then the only possibility is to Recolour the entire surface. See the section "Why Reseal?" for more detail.
So the wise thing to do is Reseal with a CLEAR sealer every 2-4 years to DELAY colour damage

However - if the colour is already damaged, we can Recolour your concrete. See the section "Why Recolour?"   for more detail.

Looking around the phone book, there are plenty of competitors that offer this service as a sideline service.
Are they licensed for this type of work? Any work over $1000 must be performed by a licensed tradesperson to be legal. Always ask to see a license.
Its not a sideline service to us, never has been.  All our machinery is geared toward it and our pricing is excellent. We don't skimp on sealer/solvents - all our jobs get 3 coats and are very well sealed.
21 years Pressure Cleaning/Sealing experience and over 1500 driveways Resealed or Recoloured.
                                                                                         License No 238239C  
                                                                       "Excellent work at reasonable cost"
                                 Call Cam for more information or free quote:   Phone  0491 126746
Stamped Before Re-Colour
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 Stamped After Re-Colour
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